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Dr. Tamás Csörgő
Curriculum Vitae (pdf, 71 KB) »
Expertise: Physics
Nuclear Physicist, Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS) Research Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics and Department of Physics, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA

Dr. József Laczkó
Curriculum Vitae (pdf, 10 KB) »
Expertise: Mathematical Modelling of Human Movement Control
Associate Professor
Faculty of Information Technology, Pázmány Péter Catholic University, and
Biomechanics Department, Semmelweis University

Dr. Máté Csanád
Curriculum Vitae (pdf, 65 KB) »
Expertise: Heavy Ion Physics
Senior Lecturer
Institute of Physics, Nuclear Physics Department Eötvös Loránd Univeristy

Prof. DR. Katalin Nagy
Curriculum Vitae (pdf, 42 KB) »
Expertise: Medicine, Oral Surgery
Dean, Faculty of Dentistry
University of Szeged

Dr. János László
Curriculum Vitae (pdf, 75 KB) »
Expertise: Biophysics
Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Research Organization, Budapest

Dr. Barbara Botos
Curriculum Vitae (doc, 147 KB) »
Expertise: Environmental Management
Climate Policy Department Chair
Ministry of National Development

Kasza Tamás Ph.D
Curriculum Vitae (doc, 52 KB) »
Expertise: Information Technology
SAP Labs Hungary

Dr. Dávid Karátson
Curriculum Vitae (doc) »
geographer, volcanologist, DSc
associate professor, head of department
Eötvös University, Departmenf of Physical Geography

Dr. István Szendrő
Curriculum Vitae (rtf, 37 KB) »
Expertise: physicist
managing director
MikroVákuum Kft.

Kotlán Beatrix Ph.D
Curriculum Vitae (pdf, 65 KB) »
Expertise: biologist
Scientific principal investigator
National Institute of Oncology/ Center of Surgical and Molecular Tumorpathology

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